My projects

Working on

  • TiltWheel: DIY Onewheel-style electric single-centre-wheeled skateboard
  • Modular first-order-retrievability tool rack
  • Custom Pelican Case Wireless AP, sACN to DMX box
  • Constructing better ETC Eos Encoder wing (BG design)
  • Better worbench component storage
  • Self-hosting more services
    • Matrix (Synapse)
  • Mastodon Administration stuff
    • Automated instance crawling & flagging according to known red flags


  • Teensy 4 Digi/analog synth using Launchpad Mini matrix keyboard for interface


  • Notibuzz: Miniature BLE phone notification buzzer/pager. Based on tiny NRF52832 module.
  • Split ergodox keyboard
  • Promptbook: Desktop/iPad app for show calling in theatre. Would support musical scores and scripts with notes for blocking, calls, timers, network console integration for lighting/AV/mechs etc.
  • Trans pride hoodie DIY fabric printing
  • LumoCal: Colour-calibrating spectrometer for theatrical lighting
  • 200 universe wireless lighting pixel system


  • 10 channel 12VDC Workbench Lighting Controller
  • Qi-charging custom kitchen timer